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"Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow
Creeps in this petty pace from day to day
To the last syllable of recorded time;
And all our yesterdays have
lighted fools
The way to dusty death. "
(Macbeth: Act V Scene V)

'Stones In His Pockets' by Marie Jones

stones APRIL 2008

Directed by: Richard Parish
Lighting and Sound by: Alex Lyon
Cast: Adam Roberts and David Webb

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'Stones in his Pockets', was released for amateur performance in 2007. To celebrate this, Nick Hern Books, who hold the rights, ran a competition, in conjunction with the national magazine 'Amateur Stage'. Lighted Fools Theatre Company won the first prize of 5 royalty-free performances.

When a major Hollywood film studio descends on a village in rural Ireland, the demand for extras from the local community is huge. As the story unfolds, just two actors bring to life over fifteen extraordinary characters. This highly-acclaimed comedy by Marie Jones has won numerous theatre awards including the Evening Standard and the Laurence Olivier Awards for Best Comedy of the Year, as well as three Tony nominations on Broadway

Lighted Fools Theatre Company is now six years old and has gained a well-deserved reputation for outstanding productions. 'Stones In His Pockets', which has just finished a short run at Cranleigh, is no exception. Brilliantly written by Marie Jones, it tells the story of the effect on a small Irish community when a film crew descends upon it, and hires most of the local population as extras. The play was first performed in Belfast nine years ago, and has since had highly acclaimed productions in the West End and on Broadway but this is one of the first amateur productions. The unique feature of the play is that all the parts...and there are fifteen of them...are played by just two men. David Webb and Adam Roberts both give scintillating performances and are clearly thoroughly enjoying themselves as they leap from character to character. They are entirely believable as they slide from sinuous blonde to rough Irish peasant via various film crew members in the twinkling of an eye. Full marks too to director Richard Parish who marshalled and controlled the evening as it flashed smoothly from scene to scene, and also to lighting and sound man Alex Lyon who managed to create so many different locations on the very simple set. The high spot of the evening, however, was undoubtedly the hilarious Irish jig, performed impeccably by the two actors, and making us believe that the stage was full of people. This was a wonderful evening in the theatre, and you can catch it again at The Barn Theatre Club in West Molesey on 25th and 26th April.

Adam Roberts and David Webb who appeared in 'Stones In His Pockets'


I have just come in from seeing a fab performance of 'Stones in his Pockets' by Lighted Fools!

Congratulations on a great performance tonight ,we both enjoyed the evening very much. Loved the Irish dancing. We admired the versatility and had a good laugh.!

Had a call from David this morning to warn me that as I had a heart condition I better be careful as they have not laughed so much for a long was just the funniest thing they have ever seen...heaps of praise.!

Just to say - WELL DONE, both actors were FANTASTIC!  We all loved the production and much appreciated the hard work put in.!

Last night was great I really enjoyed it, so much so I got my husband to ring his parents and get them to come and see it, they are at this moment trying to rearrange their lives so they can come.!

We enjoyed the play last night, it kept you interested to the end.!

Absolutely loved it....thoroughly enjoyed it.!

Superb – a triumph! Absolutely fantastic – very well done – acting breathtaking – fantastic evening's entertainment.!

Wonderful – wonderful – congratulations – you certainly go from strength to strength folks. We also enjoyed the after-show discussion.!

Just a very quick note to say just how fantastic I thought your play was - what a tour de force by Adam and David.!

So enjoyed last night.....much more 'theatre' than 'drama' than I expected. Thought I was going to have to do a lot of 'thinking'.!

We very much enjoyed the show. Funny yet poignant. Excellent characterisation and a good set.!

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed "Stones In His Pockets" on Friday night.  Two excellent actors, very imaginative direction and a very slick production overall.!

I wish to say a big thank you for a wonderful play. I enjoyed it so much that I could see it again. I looked around and everyone seemed to love it. When you have your next production I hope to be there. So will you say to everyone involved – thanks a million!!

Many thanks for a wonderful evening of theatre last Friday at the Cranleigh Arts Centre. A real tour de force for all concerned. A highly enjoyable performance from both Adam and David. Congratulations all round!!

Just returned home after watching the play. We all found it to be superb, so very well done. Congratulations to you and the two guys you directed. It was a fabulous play and a wonderful evening's entertainment!

. Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the play this evening - wonderful!  The cast was excellent.!

We both thought last night was the best yet. Tremendous performance by both.!

We so enjoyed the play – it was amazing and the actors were terrific.  I am sorry we couldn’t stay for the discussion!

The play was magnificent. I had seen the West End production and this was better!!

What a great interpretation of Marie Jones' play.  I couldn't fault it, utterly seamless. What brilliant actors, so physical and yet so sensitive!  We were mesmerised and completely enthralled throughout. How you moved the actors, their various pieces of business, costumes and the setting, told us just how much inspiration you gave in directing this play.  The backcloth added enormously in setting the scene.  Just loved that you kept all the shoes and boots along the back.  That was so right, so why change it.!

Congratulations on a wonderful production – what a treat to go and see an amateur show that had flare, talent and creativity in spades! So glad we saw it, please keep us informed of forthcoming Lighted Fools productions, ‘cause you’re GOOD!

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