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"Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow
Creeps in this petty pace from day to day
To the last syllable of recorded time;
And all our yesterdays have
lighted fools
The way to dusty death. "
(Macbeth: Act V Scene V)

'Morecambe' by Tim Whitnall

October 2017

Directed by: Richard Parish
Musical Director: David Perkins
Design: David Hemsley-Brown
Lighting: Conor Brown
Sound: Alex Lyon and David Perkins
Cast: David Webb played Eric Morecambe

Another performance of 'Morecambe' was given at Fishers Adventure Farm Park, Wisborough Green, West Sussex on Sunday 18th February 2018

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‘A show that will bring sunshine into the lives of all who see it.’ (Daily Telegraph)

The one-man show, Morecambe by Tim Whitnall is more than just a monologue. It forms an incredibly emotional yet hilarious evocation of a perennial national treasure, Eric Morecambe. It takes its audience back to 1984 to join the much-loved comedian for the penultimate stop on his heavenward journey, reminiscing, before dancing off into immortality.
Having won a 2009 Scotsman Fringe First Award for ‘innovation and outstanding new writing’, a subsequent West End production of Morecambe was also awarded the 2010 Laurence Olivier Award for Best Entertainment.

Lighted Fools Theatre Company was proud to present one of the first non-professional productions in the country of this acclaimed show.

In the very week Storm Brian was lashing the country Lighted Fools Theatre Company was able to sing from the rooftops ‘Bring Me Sunshine’ - with its quite outstanding performance of Tim Whitnall's bitter sweet play Morecambe. John Eric Bartholomew and Ernest Wiseman were, of course, the nation's favourite double comedy act Morecambe and Wise and this one-man show , a tribute to the genius of Morecambe, harks back to those wonderfully simple days when the whole family could join together around the television set for an evening of pure joy, unadulterated by Facebook, Snapchat or any of the other evils of modern social media - but what fun Eric and Ernie might have had out of today's fickle world.
Is it really thirty three years since Eric ‘danced off into immortality’ to quote director Richard Parish?
Could any one man really bring back to life the genius of Morecambe?
Whitnall 's ‘play what I wrote’, Parish's direction and the entire Lighted Fools company's contribution to set design, music, choreography, lighting, sound, wardrobe and props were the foundations for a remarkable performance by that one man - David Webb.
David, no stranger to the company with twenty one previous plays under his belt, gave, quite simply, a five star performance - and not just as Morecambe but thirty two other characters as well.
He looked the part, he danced the part, he sang the part and after a quite extra-ordinary two hours he quite rightly received a standing ovation from Guildford's Mill Studio theatre audiences - the first time I have even seen such a reception for a non-professional performance.
Morecambe traces the comedian's career from childhood until his third and finally fatal heart attack on stage in Tewksbury and along the long and winding way, with its triumphs and disasters, we meet up with everyone from Bruce Forsyth to Ed Sullivan , from Lew Grade to...well , of course, ‘little Ern’.
And that was another string to David Webb's bow as ventriloquist to Ernie's dummy - so much so you could almost believe it was Ernie……..almost! Well done to John Tytherleigh for a very look-alike Ernie - for repairing the poor little chap when he fell over during rehearsals and for allowing him out at a local stylists for a pre-show hair-cut!
What fun it was to recall the classics - Andre ‘Preview’ and ‘I'm playing all the right notes but not necessarily in the right order’, the wonderful business to the tune of ‘The Stripper’ and a hundred other glorious memories.
So what did we did we think of it all so far? Definitely not ‘Rubbish’!

‘I am playing all the right notes but not necessarily in the right order!' is a quip identified by many of us with the much loved comedian, Eric Morecambe. I was astonished to be reminded he died in 1984 but for me, regular TV retrospectives and reminiscences coalesced those intervening years - 33 of them - into something a lot shorter.
He re-emerged again last week in Morecambe, a play at the Mill Studio by Tim Whitnall that is both an homage to the comedian and TV's so called 'Golden Age.' It is also a script for one actor and a two hour monologue.
Lighted Fools' leading man, David Webb, took on the role and the responsibility.
In my judgement he began his two hour stint hesitantly, using the safety-line of reliable technique but Webb progressively gained our confidence by offering us an interpretation of the man, side-stepping an out-and-out impersonation.
The script is technically conjured to facilitate this; peppered with cameos and jokes it cements Morecambe's humour and fixes an appropriate image for us and so a physical similarity, while helpful, is incidental. ‘Did you hear about the man who stole a calendar? He got 12 months!’
David Webb's timing was well honed and there were frequent roars of laughter. By the interval we had settled into a comfortable, front-room, intimacy.
The storyline tells of the struggles, set-backs and successes in the showbiz lives of Morecambe and inevitably Ernie Wise too. The play wasn't a daring 'tell all' and certainly didn't let the daylight in on magic but rather adds to it, earning Webb standing applause at the end of the evening; the first I have seen at the Mill Studio.


Congratulations - what a wonderful show

David Webb was brilliant

I thoroughly enjoyed the performance

Superb production

Bloody brilliant in all respects!

The staging was impeccable

In his handling of the dummy, David Webb really brought Ernie alive

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed Morecambe - it was brilliant, one of the best

Amazing performance by David Webb but I was also hugely impressed by the choreography, lighting, sound and everything else

David Webb is in a class of his own. He was brilliant

There was obviously an enormous empathy between the director, Richard Parish and the actor, David Webb to achieve what they did

Ab fab! What a superb production with such amazing acting!

I am sure you are all now bathed in glory after that wonderful production

The team work shone out, the lighting, the timing of the sound cues and general stage management were so effective

I am so glad I came to see it - a production to cherish

A stunning production

David webb was absolutely wonderful in all his parts and transported us back to a golden age

David Webb was truly involved with his audience

I cannot say anything other than excellent - production, direction set and acting. Wow!

Just thought I'd say how amazing Morecambe was on Saturday - best amateur production I can remember seeing by a mile!

What a wonderful play! It was most enjoyable and had so many quotes and scenes to remind us of a really funny man. It brought back such good memories of watching TV with my family all those years ago. Thank you very much.

I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed Morecambe. It was really funny as well as sad and emotional

Well done David Webb, a mammoth task executed beautifully with technical brilliance

What a triumph! Congratulations - it was a fantastic show in every way

An awesome performance from David Webb

Our friends were bowled over by the production and we all look forward to the next one

Brilliant lighting and music/sound all cued perfectly

We all roared with laughter at the gags even though they are old! The oldies are the best and I am still giggling over the long leg and bed cover with puppet hands. That was very funny indeed!

Marvellous set as usual

David Webb morphed completely into Eric and we really believed he had come back to life!

David Webb’s mannerisms and the way he emulated the voice, intonation and inflection, were all magnificent

What a corker of a production! Very pleased you did the one man thing! Not many companies would have been able to do that and do it well and with style. Hats off to y'all!

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